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Alicia J.M. VanDerSluis 

Alicia was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1972. She studied art in Philadelphia and has been a working artist ever since. She also attended Kansas State University and Baker University completing her MBA. Alicia also served her country as a soldier in the United States Army.

Alicia has lived all over the country however feels most at home in Pennsylvania. 

Alicia has worked in every medium and had spent many years working in oil pastels and truly believes her mind and hands are directly connected to each piece and colors were obtained through touch blending.

Alicia has always however been drawn to the magic and movement of the continuous line drawings she has been perfecting and studying for over 10 years.  Each continuous line drawing is meant to be thought provoking and emotion building. Working on continuous line study Alicia has begun to take her work in a new direction. This work is very in depth with emotion. The work is currently taking the line from one dimension, to a two and sometimes three line incorporation. The work itself is finished from start to end in continuous fashion, there by keeping the integrity of the line. Each piece tells its own unique story and emotion.  

Self Portrait 
As artists we are always pushing boundaries in search of what expresses and brings meaning to the art we are trying to convey in a way that not only conveys a feeling, a thought a connection we have to the art we are creating, but also hopes our work brings those things to our audience. Everytime I work on a new piece of continuous line it is extremely important to me I never break concentration from the memory or feeling I am conveying onto the canvas. The integrity of each line work is so important many pieces never make it to the finish line.. This self portrait is an example of finding structure and imagery in one solid fluid continuous line. I hope you enjoy these as much as i do.


One of the most significant periods of my life was the births of my two beautiful daughters. They inspire me everday to see the world in a way that can only be positive and frustrating at the same time. How can one ever know if they are making the right decisions at every moment. As with my continuous line work i have to trust in myself to see the image thru and allow it to be its own thing...its own creation while at the same time guiding and molding it to be beautiful.